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‘Iredians’ Comic Books Build Support for Child Amputees

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A new initiative led by The IREDE Foundation is developing awareness and support for child amputees among their peers in Nigeria through a series of comic books called “Iredians.” The comic books feature a team of young superheroes with disabilities and highlight themes of inclusion and respect. The foundation, established in 2012,  provides free and subsidized artificial limbs for children with congenital and acquired limb loss. Waraola Kayode, programs lead at the IREDE Foundation, says that the Iredians series has already produced positive results. “We see that children without disability now have informed knowledge about the types of disability – in this case, limb loss – to understand their role in ensuring that their counterparts are not left behind in study and in play.” 

Editing Assistance by Desmond LaFave

Photo of Oluwaseun Ayodeji.

Filmmaker: Oluwaseun Ayodeji

Oluwaseun Ayodeji inspires action for child amputees and young persons with disabilities through her role as the Team Lead, Human Resources and Operations at the IREDE Foundation in Nigeria. She is a dynamic, resourceful, and innovative professional with over five years of progressive management experience in the development and aviation industries. With experience in the development space, Oluwaseun, a person with a physical disability (amputee) herself, has contributed to and delivered impact by advocating with and for children with disabilities, vulnerable children, and victims of sexual and gender-based violence. She enjoys arts in their diverse expressions and is quite keen on issues touching gender equality, human rights, and environmental awareness. She holds a bachelor's degree in international relations and certifications in human resource fundamentals and people management from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), among other certifications.

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