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Advocating for Change at the Intersection of Gender and Disability

In Nepal, blind women face significant barriers to marriage and increased risks of abandonment and abuse post-union. In “Crossroads,” DJP Fellow Sita Sah delves into the personal narratives of blind women across Nepal. Her interviews reveal not only experiences of hardship and despair but stories of hope and survival. Sah highlights the lives of two mothers who, after being left by their husbands, have found ways to thrive and support themselves and their children. She also talks with a renowned singer who chose solitude over the prospect of marriage-induced violence or dependency. Beyond individual stories, “Crossroads” shines a spotlight on the collective efforts of activists striving for systemic change.

Crossroads” was edited by Upakar Pandey. English voiceovers by Subhra Satyal, Priya Pant, Suzaana Shrestha, Shanti Sharma, and Upakar Pandey.

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 Watch a version of the documentary without English voiceovers.

Photo of Sita Sah.

Filmmaker: Sita Sah

Sita Sah is a visually impaired woman with complete vision loss. She has over five years of professional experience spanning various sectors and NGOs and has most recently served as a project assistant at the Blind Women Association Nepal (BWAN) since February 2022. After completing her 10th grade in Nepal, she moved to New Delhi, India for her education where she completed a B.A. from the Delhi University and a medical transcription course from Sarthak Educational Trust. Alongside her professional pursuits, Sah is deeply passionate about creative writing, particularly short stories and poems. She finds solace in sad songs and enjoys reading novels in her leisure time.

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