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Disability and HIV

MADIPHA Advocates for Equal Access to Health Services and More

The Masaka Association of Persons with Disabilities Who are Living with HIV & AIDS (MADIPHA) is on a mission – to create a society where all Ugandans with disabilities living with HIV/AIDS have equal and timely access to adequate HIV/AIDS information and services without discrimination.

MADIPHA has worked with people with disabilities, HIV service providers, organizations of persons with disabilities, and local leaders, specifically targeting people with disabilities affected by HIV/AIDS in the greater Masaka sub-region. MADIPHA delivers integrated programs using the following approaches: communicating the disability and HIV/AIDS paradox, social livelihood and economic empowerment, human rights through advocacy and collaboration. *Video includes audio descriptions for blind and low-vision audiences.

Photo of Nissy Namuyomba.

Filmmaker: Nissy Namuyomba

Nissy Namuyomba is an administrative assistant working alongside the executive team at the Masaka Association of Persons with Disabilities Living with HIV/AIDS and a volunteer with the Masaka Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy in Uganda. Namuyomba supports teams by performing tasks related to organization with strong communication as well as strengthening relationships with the local government to understand disability issues in Masaka City. Namuyomba is experienced in networking with local leaders and is skilled in financial accountability, backed by a degree in business administration and management. Namuyomba is a powerful force in the workplace. She is inspired daily by her desire to create a society that is inclusive of people with disabilities through storytelling and writing.

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