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It Takes a Village

TRIUMPH Uganda Addresses the Stigma of Mental Health

After experiencing a mental health crisis of her own, Robinah Alambuya founded Triumph Mental Health Uganda to help others with psychosocial disabilities in her community. She used her platform to share her story and build hope. Founded in 2008, TRIUMPH’s mission is to “contribute to the process of enhancing recovery, building resilience, and investing in social networks for inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities.” Alambuya talks about meeting Disability Justice Project fellow Esther Suubi for the first time and how Suubi blossomed within TRIUMPH’s peer-support program. *Video includes audio descriptions for blind and low-vision audiences.

Photo of Esther Suubi.

Filmmaker: Esther Suubi

Esther Suubi from Uganda is a recent graduate from Uganda Christian University with a bachelor's degree in mass communication. She is a person with a psychosocial disability and an advocate for young girls' and women's voices. Suubi is also a peer educator at Triumph Mental Health Support and does work with the organization's communications team.

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