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One Voice

Ugandan Women with Psychosocial Disabilities Share Their Stories

In Uganda, persons with psychosocial disabilities face discrimination on every front – in school, in the workplace, and even within their own families. In “One Voice,” 2021 DJP Fellow Esther Suubi provides an intimate look at the toll this discrimination can take, especially on women. She interviews a student with epilepsy who was shunned by others who feared they’d “catch” her disease, and she profiles a schoolteacher who had to leave her job because her colleagues refused to provide accommodations. “One Voice” is also a story of hope as these women join together as part of Triumph Mental Health Support and Recovery Program’s network of inclusion. *Video includes audio descriptions for blind and low-vision audiences. *Read along by clicking the cc button on your YouTube player.

Photo of Esther Suubi.

Filmmaker: Esther Suubi

Esther Suubi from Uganda is a recent graduate from Uganda Christian University with a bachelor's degree in mass communication. She is a person with a psychosocial disability and an advocate for young girls' and women's voices. Suubi is also a peer educator at Triumph Mental Health Support and does work with the organization's communications team.

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