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A ‘Bitter Pill’

Indonesians with Psychosocial Disabilities Face Discrimination in the Workplace

In response to continued workplace discrimination, Indonesians with disabilities are advocating for legislation that would improve conditions for employees. Though Law 8 of 2016 was intended to ensure equal access to employment opportunities for Indonesians with disabilities, Lily Puspitasari lost her accounting job after disclosing her psychosocial disability. Nurhayati Ratna Sari Dewi, head of the Jakarta branch of the Indonesian Mental Health Association, says the government should make employers provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. These suggested accommodations include offering more flexible work hours, allowing employees to see a psychiatrist for regular treatment without deduction in pay, and providing quiet spaces for employees to rest. *Video includes audio descriptions. *Read along by clicking the cc button on your YouTube player.

*Click here for the Bahasa Indonesia version of this film.

Photo of Kinanty Andini.

Filmmaker: Kinanty Andini

Kinanty “Kinan” Andini is a freelance graphic design and digital artist and a psychosocial disability activist. She is affiliated with the Indonesian Mental Health Association (IMHA), also known as Perhimpunan Jiwa Sehat. She collaborated with other IMHA members to create a short film series, “AADM (What’s Wrong with Mental Disability)" about the underreported experiences of persons living with psychosocial disabilities. IMHA advocates for the rights of Indonesians with psychosocial disabilities based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. IMHA’s activities include advocacy, campaigns, lobbying, legal efforts, media, public awareness, trainings, workshops, research, seminars, discussions, and more.

Andini is passionate about visual arts, particularly graphic design and digital art/illustration. In 2019, she produced banners and posters for a competition held by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Last year, she worked as a video content creator intern at a company in Jakarta. She plans to channel her digital design and artistic skills into animation, digital comics, games, and advertising. Follow her on Instagram to check out her digital art.

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